Dennis Kane is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Washington, DC.   His work is informed equally by Early Music, Classical, Experimental Electronic & Minimalism, as heard in compositions such as, “Music for Keyboards pt.1”, a textural, multilayered recording that balances performance and looping.  This piece is featured on the Verses Records Compilation vol.2, released in November 2016.

In 2017, under the name, “The Hunted Hare”, Dennis released a recording of guitar music called, “Nothing Is Always”.  The music  is a stark take on Melodic Minimalism.  The sound is deep and dark, but also beautiful and haunting. Kane treats the guitar more like a cello, or violin, at times, mostly playing monophonic melodies as a way to intensify the starkness of the music.  The accompaniment is bare, to pull the listener’s focus to the guitar.  However, it’s not a bleak recording, it’s full of bittersweet memories and haunting beauty, as well.

In early 2016, Kane released a 20 minute piece titled, “Confluence” –  a simultaneously adventurous and soothing piece which highlights Kane’s love of contrasts; melody and repetition, acoustic and electronic instruments, form and formlessness. The piece’s performance debut was at the Sonics Circuits Festival in September of 2015, which also featured a short film by Kane to accompany the performance.

In addition to Dennis’ solo works, he is half of the experimental, electro-acoustic duo, “Domingues and Kane”, with DC-area cellist and viola da gambist, Amy Domingues. Domingues & Kane’s debut recording, “Gut + Voltage – Viola da Gamba & Electronics in Synthesis” was released in March 2016 on Verses Records and has earned the duo the distinction of releasing the first Viola da Gamba and Electronics recording from the Washington, D.C. area.

When not writing or performing, Kane is a full-time Audio Engineer, avid horror movie fan, cat lover and devoted husband.